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Why should I care about Assistive Technology?

Thanks to the enormous economic success which we’ve experienced in recent years, Ireland has virtually full employment. In contrast, the unemployment rates among people with disabilities are over 60%. Assistive Technology is a resource which has the potential to turn that tide: offering real and tangible solutions to enable people with disabilities to secure employment.

European society is inherently diverse. It’s simply good business sense for employers to promote diversity both in terms of their own workforce and in recognising the diversity of the markets they serve. Failure to do so put businesses at risk of losing out to competitors, or simply to miss out on significant audiences (since 12% of the European population is estimated to have a disability)

One in five of the population will experience a disability at some point in their lives. The Gateway website offers a cohesive central route to accessing everything you ever wanted to know about AT – but were afraid to ask!

The cost of adapting the workplace with AT are usually in the low hundreds. Information about funding AT in the workplace is included in this website. Link to Employer funding information.