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Sources of Advice for Educators:

  1. Establish and identify the needs and difficulties of the prospective AT user
    • by the acquisition of a professional assessment. This assessment also facilitates funding application
    • by encouraging disclosure of disability in the CAO, or other relevant 3rd level applications to facilitate the provision of Assistive Technology resources
      The CAO form, which includes information about disclosure, is available at in print or audio format for people with visual impairments.
  2. Explore Funding Options - see also ‘Sources of Funding’ section.
  3. Explore the possibilities of adapting existing Technology and Equipment- (see also ‘Low Cost/ Low Tech Solutions’ section)
  4. Explore the options available in terms of Specialised Assistive Technology- Some disability Service Providers offer an assessment service to select the most suitable AT and many Disability Service Providers also allow clients to try out a range of AT devices.
  5. Take Steps to help maintain access to AT – moving from 2nd to 3rd level education & from education to the workplace, can jeopardize access to AT.

Effective research and planning can ease the transition and help ensure that Assistive Technology Provision carries is maintained in 3rd level/employment. College Open Days and visits from College Liaison Officers are provide good opportunities to exchange information. (Dates for Third Level open days are available from

Advise job-seeking graduates of the advantages of offering prospective employers the opportunity to liase with former education establishment in relation to Assistive Technology Solutions (i.e. provide contact details for AT Trainer, Disability Officer, and Careers Office)