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About Gateway

The GATEWAY Project has been designed to facilitate and encourage the use of Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities entering both 3rd level education and the workplace.

The website aims to raise awareness among Young People, Educators and Employers relating to the variety of Assistive Technologies available and the resulting capabilities of people with disabilities. It offers practical, non-technical advice to potential users or information seekers and acts as a GATEWAY to further AT information.

The GATEWAY Website includes Case Studies of AT users, highlighting their achievements.

The GATEWAY Project is unique in that a portal is offered though the website with 3 virtual doors:

Door 1- Provides information and advice for young people with disabilities on assistive technologies and other resources related to education and employment.

Door 2- Provides educators and guidance practitioners with information on different types of disabilities, sources of funding, legislation and assistive technologies available.

Door 3- Is open to potential employers of people with disabilities, offering information on barriers in the workplace and methods of removal: incorporating advice and examples of employees using assistive technologies.

The commission and the national agency (Leargas) are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein this website. The GATEWAY project was co-financed by the Leonardo da Vinci programme. Please visit for further information.

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