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Assisstive Technology Suppliers - Slovakia

1. slovenský výrobca... SPIG s.r.o. ZVOLEN - lifting aids, platforms, hoists, lifts

AMC Martin, s.r.o. – car adaptation

ARES, s.r.o. – access lifts, platforms, ramps

Audioprotetika – hearing aids

BASCO SK, s.r.o. – adopted furniture

BETA plus, s.r.o. – aids for eating, drinking, aids for work with PC

Dobranský Ladislav - car adaptation

DVORIM, s.r.o. – access ramps, lifts, platforms, hygiene aids, adapted beds

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ERILENS Slovensko, s.r.o. – cruntches, lifts, elevators, hoists, ramps

Ečery Ján MIX – maintenance  and sell of assistive technology, wheelchairs

Intraerovia – mobility aids, motorbicycle

KURY SLOVAKIA – wheelchairs

MARMED Slovakia s.r.o. – vertikalisation system, adapted furniture, beds

MEDICCO, s r.o. – wheelchairs and other AT distribution,

NEOPROT spol s r.o. – orthotics/prosthetics,spinal orthotic systems, upper lower limb orthotics prosthetics systems, protheses, shoes

ORTOKOMPLET, s.r.o. – wheelchairs, and othesis, prothesis distribution

Paybo – mobility aids, wheelchairs, scooters, diabetic shoes

PROTETIKA, a.s. – shoes, health care aids

REHA SLOVAKIA s.r.o. – mobility aids, wheeelchairs, ramps for stairs, orthotic aids, adapted furniture, products to aid in activities of daily living, toileting, maintenance

REPO, s.r.o. - mobility aids, wheeelchairs,

Servis Invo – mobility aids, wheelchairs, walkers, adapted furniture, bathing aids, lifts, hoists, ramps

SIVAK, s.r.o. – mobility aids, wheelchairs, lifting aids, beds, hygiene aids

Slovtón - Peter Kovaľ – products for people with hearing disabilities.
amplification, hearing aids, signal switches, speech training, telephones, Ttime.

Tyflocomp s.r.o. – products for people with visual disabilities. Computers, educational aids, health care, information storage, kitchen aids, labeling, magnification, office equipment, orientation and Mmobility, reading, recreation, sensors, telephones, time, tools, travel, typing, writing (Braille).

VELCON, s.r.o. – stair climbing devices, lifts, platforms