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Sources of Advice- Introduction

Initiating the process of acquiring Assistive Technology can be difficult for those who may not be aware of the Services available to offer support and advice. This section gives a brief description of the process involved and contact details for services that can provide support and advice in the following areas-

  • Acquiring professional assessment, which is necessary for the receipt of funding.
  • Getting a disability audit- this can help draw up plan on how to make the workplace more accessible.
  • Advice on making IT & other products Accessible (see also ‘Low Cost/ Low tech Solutions on this website’)
  • Selecting & Sourcing Appropriate Technology (see also ‘types of Assistive Technology section ’on this website)
  • Sourcing User Training in the Technology (see also ‘Assitive Technology Training Section’ on this website)
  • Accessing Technical Support - using and maintaining the Assistive Technology
  • Inter-Agency Liaison- from Disability and Advocacy groups to facilitate and promote inclusion of people with disabilities in Education and the Workplace.