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Funding in Slovakia

The cost of assistive technology is partially covered by health care insurances or district authorities - departments of  social services, sometimes with co- financing by the user. In some cases non-governmental organisations can help.

Health care insurances

Health care insurances loan assistive technology according to certification given by a medical specialist – orthopaedists, neurologist, ophthalmologists, remedial physician, and following approval by the  assessing physician. A list of assistive technology can be found in Medical Rule Act No. 98/1995 Coll.

Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa

CHZP Apollo

Sideria-Istota, Košice

Spoločná zdravotná poisťovňa

Zdravotná poisťovňa Dôvera

District authorities departments of social services

The department of social services supports a wider range of assistive technologies, including environmental control devices for the home, for personal assistance, for transport and so on.

Download the list of the Offices of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Slovakia – departments of social services (Microsoft Excel Document)

Non governmental organisations

Financial help from non-governmental organisations is available for purchasing assistive technology.