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Irlen Filters

Irlen syndrome

Irlen syndrome
People with Irlen syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome cannot read comfortably. The words are not clear and easy to see. There is no typical Irlen syndrome profile. The symptoms vary from person to person and there are many variables involved such as:
 Light Sensitivity -  fluorescent, sunlight, car headlights.
 Contrast reading black print on white paper.
 Print words bluring, or merging together.
 Span - Unable to see groups of letters or words clearly at the same time.
 Concentration - Problems concentrating on reading or writing.
 Depth - Inability to judge distance and spatial relationships accurately. May bump into things, have difficulty with ball games and stairs.
Coloured or tinted filters called Irlen filters can be prescribed that helps an individual overcome the debilitating effects of the condition. The assessment involves an intensive diagnostic process.