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Eye-Tracking Systems

Eye Tracker

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General Information

Eye-tracking systems serve as a replacement for common input devices such as mouse, keyboard or remote control. Using such systems, users with complex physical disabilities can operate computers and other connected devices simply by moving their eyes. An eye-tracking system consists of a camera which continuously scans one of the user's eyes and of a software which analyses the picture captured by the camera to determine which exact point on the screen the user is looking at. In case the user is not able to operate any other form of switch to make selections, staring or blinking at a certain button or other object on the screen is equivalent to clicking on that same object with a mouse. By displaying a computer keyboard or control panels of other devices on the screen, the user is able to fully operate a computer and control systems connected to it. This enables him or her to type, surf the web, use e-mail, control environment, play games, synthesize speech etc.

The Eyegaze Communication System

Eyegaze in use
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The Eyegaze Communication System is a communication and control system designed for people with complex physical disabilities. The user controls the system entirely with their eyes. By looking at control keys displayed on a computer screen, a person can synthesise speech, control their environment (lights, heating, etc.), type, run computer software, operate a computer mouse, and access the Internet.

Technological Requirements

Eye-tracking systems consist of a camera, stand, software and some other equipment. As proper connection to the PC and installation of the whole system is quite complex, this is usually done by qualified staff sent by the retailer.


Approximately € 6,000 for the neccessary equipment, around € 9,000 for a package that includes an adequate PC.