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Optical character recognition (OCR) Software

OCR software converts paper documents and PDF files into manageable electronic data. This software is used in conjunction with a PC and scanner to copy printed text to the computer and hold it electronically so it can be read by a screen reader or magnified with software.
People with visual impairment benefit from using highly specialised scanning software (OCR). It helps them read printed material such as books, journals, reports and other publications. It is also useful for those with learning difficulties who find reading difficult and those whose physical impairments prevent them handling and reading the printed word.

How it works: Place a book or printed material on the scanner that is connected to your computer. The scanner then takes an electronic picture of the material. The OCR software then translates the information into computer text, which can be read with a screen reader. OCR software is unable to read handwritten material.

Open Book OCR softwareFine Reader OCR software

Cost €150 and up.